2 Brothers from India Share Their Success Secrets (from Zero to 100k+ Per Month!)

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We are running a workshop with the mentors, that reveals even more about this step-by-step method of high affiliate profits using this NEW Automated Software for generating ads, voices, webpages, etc.

"How Ordinary People Make $91,311 Every 3 Months With Zero Tech Skills Using a Brand-New Technology"

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0:13: These guys from India are doing extremely well with this affiliate marketing model.
1:18: They're doing $1k/day running YouTube ads from India (You don't have to be in the USA to do this.) As long as you have an internet connection, you can do this.
3:50: You don't have to worry about audio, or if you don't have an American accent... because the voiceover is generated by AI.
5:25: This was pioneered by the best minds in the internet marketing and affiliate marketing space. This is why students' results are phenomenal.
7:40: If you know a system works (based on these case studies), you'll find it harder to give up! That's why students are doing so well with these because they know it works.
9:28: If you think you have mental barriers that are holding you back, listen to this.
10:10: Sam and Raj's best week is $100k! It's an amount of money they could never have dreamt of in their lifetime.
11:25: "1k was a lot of money. 100k was totally impossible. If we can do it, you can too."
14:11: This is the power of internet marketing.
16:10: 100k/wk super affiliate tips for the first 15 seconds of your video ad. (Powerful advice and example!)
19:37: If you consider yourself a perfectionist, listen to this.
23:30: The 80/20 principle and how it applies to this business model (amazing tip!)
27:50: The advantage of a paid traffic model (like this one) vs. a free traffic model when doing internet marketing.
31:50: Most of the top students that have scaled to over $10k/day started with $2k as their budget. (You don't have to have tons of money to begin this business model.)
33:20: If you have a limited budget, listen to this (extremely motivating and important!)
37:15: "This is by far the most easiest and effortless (business model) that's proven."
41:20: If you have thought of this: "If this business model works, why sell it? Why not keep it to yourself?" ...then WATCH this! (Big mindset key!)
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