[Case Study] From Being A Restaurant Business Owner To A Super Affiliate (His Best Week Is Over $120k)

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0:52: His best day with this relatively new method is over $30k. (His best week is over $120k!)
1:47: He already started out with Facebook ads and made some money but struggled with compliance and competition. Then he found it easier with Keegan's method (automated video ads on YouTube using AI technology).
4:10: The exact process to create video ads without you having to be on camera, and without using your own voice.
5:42: Demonstration of how the voiceover AI software works (Very interesting!)
9:29: How to target the right people to see your ads.
12:33: This is why newbies are doing very well with running YouTube ads. (Compared to running Facebook ads)
15:03: Sebastian's process in finding winning campaigns. (Several valuable tips you CAN'T miss!)
18:41: Things to look for when testing ads. (Keep these in mind)
22:00: Sebastian has some good experience with a restaurant business, but he loves the location and time freedom that affiliate marketing can bring.
24:50: There's no income-cap with this business because you're not trading your time for money (unlike if you just have a regular job). That's why a side-hustle or a business like this can be extremely important and life-changing.
35:36: How one of our top students with under or about $1k in budget when she started has now made over $50k on her best day. (Hint: It took some time but it's possible!)
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