Case Study: From Working at walmart to making $4.5 million with this model

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0:17: Cole has a very unique story (very inspirational)

0:59: His best week is 6 figures and his best day is over $90,0000!

1:18: He started with a low budget, he didn't start having a thousand dollars to spend on paid ads. (If you have a low budget, you can do this method for sure!)

3:10: He did Facebook ads before, he was $40 away from his first 1k/day, and the next day his account got shut down. (It's normal to have these stumbling blocks in any business model.)

4:45: He was from a commission based job, working 12 hours a day, but he only made $45 in a week! (Imagine how life changing Profit Singularity is for him!)

8:35: When you feel like you're playing a game, and you're making money from it, you'll enjoy it a lot. (That's how this business model can make you feel.)

12:30: Here's why absolute newbies are doing very well with this (listen to this)

14:40: 2 Ways To Generate Wealth (Absolute Keys To Make Money Online Or Offline)

18:18: 90k/day Super Affiliate Tips for writing ad scripts that work.

20:40: How to get ideas for ad scripts easily.

23:52: An example of a great opening script that complies with Google's ad policy. (And what NOT to say - VITAL Info!)

26:24: MORE Super affiliate tips for beginners (to get good at this particular business model)

31:45: "Give the workshop a chance..." This is how Cole & other successful students started...

35:28: "This course really did change my life..."