Helpful Tips from
a Malaysian Super Affiliate
(His Best Day is 18k!)

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0:09 - His initial online business, and what he didn't enjoy.
0:37 - His first big breakthrough.
0:57 - How he made $18,000 in a day (with a 80-100% profit margin).
1:27 - Here's why you don't have to be in the USA to do this stuff!
2:30 - Super affiliate revealed his niches!
3:22 - This method is not network-dependent. Discover the other networks he uses.
3:48 - Secrets to scaling.
5:58 - How long did it take him to see the results?
8:10 - Han's thoughts on saturation. Is it a good thing?
8:52 - The most important thing to ensure success with this model.
15:39 - Han gives his insights about the messages the video ads should convey.
18:00 - Get to know his tips for landing pages! Should headlines be long or short?
20:46 - Listen to more helpful tips for anyone that's interested in affiliate marketing.
24:06 - Han also shares tips for those who are completely new to this model but want to join the workshop.