Case Study: Himanshu From India Video Ad Method… From Huge Debt To Over $500 Per DAY

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

We are running a workshop with the mentors, that reveals even more about this step-by-step method of high affiliate profits using this BREAKTHROUGH Software for generating scripts, ads, voices, webpages, and more!


0:13 - Himanshu is not from the USA. You don't have to be in the USA to be successful with this method!
1:41 - He was in a lot of debt but he didn't give up.
2:19 - How and why he decided to follow this method.
3:12 - He had made over 10k in his best days and made as much as 28k in a single week!
4:37 - The key mindset shift that allowed him to breakthrough to high levels of income.
7:00 - Find out the affiliate networks that he uses and the reasons why he chose not to limit himself to a single platform.
10:20 - How fast does he get paid so he can reinvest his profits?
11:42 - How AI tools help him create video ads and save time.
12:37 - English is Himanshu's 2nd language and it's not a barrier for him to succeed!
13:53 - How many tests did he run before he got his first breakthrough ad?
16:23 - This method works in many platforms.
17:39 - Himanshu's tips for those who want to do well with this method.
19:40 - "We have to work for it. Take action with what you learn."