Case Study: How Kimberly Makes 2k PER DAY ($50k Best Week) Using Auto-Generated Videos

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

We are running a workshop with the mentors, that reveals even more about this step-by-step method of high affiliate profits using this NEW Automated Software for generating ads, voices, webpages, etc.

"How Ordinary People Make $91,311 Every 3 Months With Zero Tech Skills Using a Brand-New Technology"

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1:52: She started affiliate marketing on Facebook as a side hustle, but it got difficult with Facebook and she evolved into doing YouTube.
3:30: Why it's easier to advertise on YouTube now than ever before.
4:15: She tried using a real voice recording for her ads before, but the AI voice always outperforms the real voice. (We'll show you how to get access to the AI voices on the workshop)
5:20: Her best week was about $50k and she had a little over 6 figures for her best month!
6:10: A demonstration of how the AI voice works (hear it right here)
7:50: How to edit ads for testing quickly and easily.
8:40: Super affiliate tips to succeed SOONER with this model.
9:10: How to find a workflow that's good for you (increase your productivity AND profits!) PLUS hear Kimberly's own workflow.
12:05: How to create ads for other niches FAST once you already have a winning ad (MULTIPLY your commissions!)
14:45: If you are skeptical, listen to this.
19:05: What's amazing with this business model is that you can enjoy it (similar to playing a game!)
20:11: Great opening tips for video ads that work!
23:53: Mindset and practical tips for people who want to start this business model (Very valuable!)
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