Attention JVs: Here is Keegan’s 7 Steps to Writing Ads That SELL

Keegan makes over 30k/day as an affiliate and he is the main face of the Profit Singularity launch.
What’s really remarkable is that he started out as one of our students last year, made sales and was doing pretty well, but then dovetailed into applying the methods over on YouTube instead.
He found some stuff applied quite nicely, and other things didn’t. Over time he reinvented the whole process in a brilliant way involving A.I. generated voices, A.I. generated videos and more.
Hear his story above if you want a lot of detail about how the method works.
And if you’re ready to register as an affiliate, please follow the link below:
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0:09 - My special guest is making over $30,000 per day in affiliate commissions.
2:39 - He has gone from nothing to being one of the TOP earning affiliates in TWO major affiliate networks.
5:17 - How to get computer generated voices to sound realistic and make them CONVERT higher to sales than a real voice.
8:32 - The Seven Step Method That Made A Student From Afghanistan go from nothing to over $4k per day! And as high as 32k on his BEST days.
10:03 -  The Game-Changer Difference Between Facebook Ads And YouTube Ads.
11:28 - The Ideal Length Of Ads that Make Huge Profits
13:56 - Step 1: The 3 things you MUST get across in the first 5 seconds... Miss any of these and the RIGHT prospects may click 'skip ads', while the WRONG people may keep watching them and cost you money!
20:49 - Step 2: Potential buyers need to hear this ONE thing in order to realize this is something they should keep watching.
22:03 - Step 3: How to get the right prospects to realize they NEED the product you are promoting (before they even know exactly what it is).
23:52 - Step 4: How to start introducing the ‘new opportunity’ that you have (while still building their curiosity)
25:58 - Step 5: Establish __________ so that they will trust you more and want to find out more about how you can help them solve their problem.
30:48 - Step 6: Ways to make them realize just how valuable the product is (so they will want to spend money on it).
34:27 - Step 7: How to maximize clicks to your landing page.
36:46 - A free training session coming up
41:05 - The brilliant thing about this advertising network’s algorithm that makes it easier to target potential customers (no wonder newbies do so well with this).
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