Newbie to $50k Per DAY - Mom of 4's Mindboggling Super Affiliate Case Study

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Super Affiliate Secrets Case Studies + Workshop:
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1:02: The model she's following involves paid traffic and AI (Easiest method to generate profitable ads.)
1:41: When she was 6 months into this, she was already doing $6k a day! ($17,300 was her best day!)
2:00: NOW her best day is over $50k and regularly doing $200-$300k in a week!
2:57: She was NOT an EXPERT when she started.
4:53: "I'm NOT on camera, my voice is NOT on camera. I use the tools that I have and the info from the product vendor..." (You don't have to be on camera to make a video and the info to make ads come from the product vendors!)
5:44: ONE super affiliate tip (don't miss this!)
11:40: Some other super affiliate tips you shouldn't miss.
14:21: A big stumbling block she had to break through to succeed. (Amazing results after she got through the challenges!)
15:45: A free training workshop is coming. (Registration opens soon).
17:40: The secret niche she's in currently. (You could also make money in this niche!)
Super Affiliate Secrets Case Studies + Workshop:
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