Super Affiliate from Brazil Averages $3k to $4k per day
(English is his second language)

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0:43: He's doing very well running a paid traffic method, using AI to generate the ads, and promote affiliate products. He learned this method from Keegan. No need to deal customer support, and he's NOT the vendor.
1:24: One of his first ads took off, had some stumbling blocks, but he learned the secret to doing very well beyond that. (Persistence is one of the keys!)
2:27: He also tried different things with minimal success before trying our method to generating affiliate commissions using AI software.
2:47: Earned $500/day when he first began!
4:04: The difference between a successful ad vs one that shows an 'early promise' (Very important!)
6:49: This started as a side-hustle but soon began to make more money than that.
8:01: This is a lot easier than doing it yourself because of the templates that you can plug-and-play!
9:49: Listen to this if you're worried about saturation...
11:40: If you find the right product, the right niche, and the right funnel for these with a simple proven process, you'll get results. (We'll teach you how to do all these)
12:00: If you're a newbie, listen to this!
15:45: He's made 7,000-8,000 in a day with 90% return on investment. (He's averaging 3 to 4k per day)
17:42: Secret mindset of successful affiliate marketers
21:46: If you're considering joining the workshop, listen to this!
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