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Top 10 Questions Answered

If you're on the fence, go through these questions and learn how this system can potentially change your life. Take action soon because the doors are about to close.

1. I missed the live workshop. Is there a link to the replay?

Yes. We do have a replay link.

However with the doors about to close this is being taken down shortly.

2. How long does it take to start making money with this program?

Most people familiarise themselves with the program first, then choose an offer and get things up and running with a landing page and ads.

Usually it’s about the 3rd week that they will start running ads, just to be sure they’ve gone through enough training to learn from any mistakes Keegan and others made previously, to make the path a lot easier.

So on average about week 3 or 4 to start seeing sales.

But some people take shorter and others longer.

One of the beta testers jumped the gun and made a lot of sales on his 10th day in the program. Others took 4 to 8 weeks to get things rolling. 

What we can say is that it’s not a rush. You can go at your own pace. It’s not some sort of short term scheme that doesn’t last long. 

Some people who joined will hold off on starting for a couple of months due to other commitments, and will do extremely well. 

Others are ready to hit the ground running and start on this today. 

We can never guarantee any specific amounts that will be made. Results vary based on a variety of different factors, including but not limited to your own time and the efforts you put in.

However we are sharing exactly what works for us and our students. And we can guarantee that if you follow our training to the T and do all the testing and learning from those tests that we recommend, then you will find your profitable ad. And you can repeat that process to find more profitable ads. How much you decide to scale from there is entirely up to you.

Building an online business takes dedication, willingness to learn from stubborn obstacles and the ability to keep taking consistent action. This is NOT an investment. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. This IS a method for building an online business.

And we make it easier for you with teaching the various tools and providing done-for-you template software, etc. And we are committed to supporting you all the way through to success.

3. "Breakthrough AI Technology Does 90% Of The Work For You", if that's the case, what am I supposed to work on?

Our AI video ad script writing software is fine tuned based on our millions of dollars in winning ads. Same goes for the other tools, e.g. the Landing Page Copy Generator, and so forth. It is a unique time we are living in where we actually have the ability to do so much for you with these exclusive fine-tuned tools.

There is work to do, this is a genuine business model and that means there is work to put in and mental energy to devote. It's about putting aside time each day to create that winning habit of working on your online business. You do need to run tests on variations, you need to go through the training and learn the evolution method, so that you choose and run good tests, to get to your winning ad. But we make it as easy as it possibly can be with our breakthrough tools and support.

Demo: 30+ Breakthrough AI Tools (Helps Generate Commissions 90% Easier & Faster)

4. Won’t this become too saturated?

These niches are a long way from being saturated, particularly with the model we are doing and the traffic source we use (YouTube Ads). This is a very early stage in the use of this method of marketing.

Yes, smaller niches do sometimes get saturated. That’s why we don’t tend to recommend those niches. Yes you can use our model and succeed in smaller niches, but we prefer billion dollar industries where we don’t have to be particularly big to do very well.

We operate in niches that have mass market appeal, with so many offers that are well tested and proven to convert highly to a very wide demographic of people. And this industry is growing so fast that new offers appear and convert well each day, and proven winners tend to keep on winning for quite a long time.

It’s an exciting time to be an affiliate:

  • There are more offers available with huge mass market appeal than ever before
  • There is more traffic available than before
  • A.I. makes everything so much easier too
  • And the payouts are higher than ever also.

5. What happens if I take longer than other people do. I have a busy life, will you still be around in 3 months, 6 months, 9 months etc. to support me?

While it will take most people about 3 weeks to get themselves up and running with ads and seeing sales… It also will take several weeks longer to master the additional aspects of dialing everything up.

Also, some people may have other things on right now and might join, but not get started till after Christmas.

That is all totally fine as it’s such a great model that is only at the beginning.

Go at your own pace, don’t start in a rush and burn out. Just work through it at a pace you are comfortable with.

We have dedicated support who are actively implementing the model themselves, so they know it inside out.

And we guarantee you’ll continue to receive this support for the lifetime of us running this program (so even 9 months from now, 12 months from now, we will still support you in this program if you need any assistance).

Plus, we are running several LIVE Q&A workshops during the course itself, which is also an excellent time to get questions answered and/or see answers to other people’s questions.

6. I just joined and I see there are several templates. I understand I can use those templates to promote a large range of offers, but are more templates coming?

That’s a great question. We are making and adding new templates regularly. So it’s like having a monthly membership to the templates WITHOUT the monthly cost. As those joining during this special promotion are being given lifetime access to the new templates that get added each month.

7. I am already a website owner… Can I use this to promote my own products?

Yes you absolutely can do that. However that assumes you have a product that has a strong conversion rate already.

The offers we get students to promote convert like crazy, so it makes it easier. If an offer is struggling to convert on all traffic then this method itself won’t suddenly make miracles happen.

However if your offer IS converting well and you’re looking to use this to drive a lot MORE traffic into your funnel, then YES this is going to be fantastic for that.

8. With your 90 Day Profit Guarantee, what are the exact terms?

Here's how it works. We are so confident in our system, as long as you follow it according to our guidelines, that you are guaranteeing you WILL find your winning profitable ad within 90 days. Otherwise, we will reimburse the cost of the course, reimburse the cost of your ads, and pay you an extra $500 for your time.

That is how certain we are that you will achieve results if you follow our simple step-by-step system. Please note there are no refunds for any other reason, and the Profit Guarantee is subject to our terms and conditions.

9. How much do I need to set aside for advertising and other expenses.

The great news is that your hosting itself is covered, we also have the A.I. Voices and splash page templates built into the program… And even the script writing software.

Not to mention the step by step training, and countless other resources.

There are some expenses, the largest of which is spending money to run paid ads.

This is a paid ads program, so you need to have at least $1000 set aside with which you can run paid ads. We highly recommend 3k as that allows a bit more room for testing, but many of our beta testers started with 1k and still succeeded.

You can reinvest your profits in order to scale things from there.

10. I've heard of Profit Singularity before, what's new in the Breakthrough edition?

With the Profit Singularity Breakthrough edition:

  • New training videos were recorded from scratch (and new info will be added as we go).
  • "Breakthrough" A.I. technology that you won't see anywhere else. Have an A.I. write scripts, write landing page copy, emails, and more, for you. So you'll only need to do minimal editing.

Demo: 30+ Breakthrough AI Tools (Helps Generate Commissions 90% Easier & Faster)